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Christmas Tree Farm


The Christmas Tree Farm consists of two lots - a residential lot farmhouse and a community lot tree farm business. Sitting side-by-side they form one large 'farm' lot.

The Christmas Tree Farm is a community lot business. It offers visitors a gift shop to buy holiday decorations and gifts, as well as a cafe for dining. The interior includes a store area, dining area, kitchen with order counter, crafts room, manager's office, employee break area and restrooms. The food display has been left empty for your business owner to fill with treats and there is plenty of room at the order counter to insert the espresso bar if you want to serve coffee. The store shelves have mostly been filled with game items, however you can offer any merchandise you prefer. Plus, there are three sizes of trees to sell. They are available inside the store and outside in the field. Overall there are plenty of activities for your Sim families to enjoy while visiting the farm.

The Christmas Tree Farm House sits among a field of 'Christmas' trees. It includes 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Den/Office (Or could be used as a 5th bedroom), huge wrap-around Porch, 2-car garage with a work area, and a Laundry Room. It's painted in a neutral color scheme and unfurnished except for the kitchen and baths.

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  Christmas Tree Farm Christmas Tree Farmhouse
Lot Size: 5x6 5x6
Lot Price: $147,660 $118, 500
Lot Type: Community Residential
Custom Content Included:
Christmas Tree Farm Christmas Tree Farmhouse
Special Instructions:
  • Place lots side-by-side. The house is intended to go on the left of the business, however it really makes no difference how you place them.
  • Some items could not be packaged with the lot. They are included in a separate folder. Just add these items directly to your Sims2 -> Downloads folder.
Expansions Required:  Nightlife, Open For Business, Seasons


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