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Twin Peaks National Park

This lot has been designed especially for your Sims that love the outdoors. Nestled between two small mountains, the park offers a cozy campground along with a pond for fishing. Your Sim can live year-round in one of the two recreational vehicles already on the campground.

The large, bus-style RV includes a full kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom and bedroom. The travel trailer offers a mini-kitchen and dining area, a bedroom and bathroom. There are also bathroom facilities located at the entrance of the park. While each vehicle only sleeps two Sims, you could increase this number by putting bunk beds in the travel trailer, a daybed in the bus, or use tents.

Please note that you only need University/Nightlife/OpenForBusiness expansions for the lot to work, however pictures of the lot were taken with all the expansions to illustrate how it will look during the seasons. The lot is fairly versatile and it has been used as a residential, community and apartment lot with success. As a home business you can charge admittance to the park with the ticket machine as well as sell fish or other crafts.

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Lot Size:  5x6  
Lot Price:  $137,112
Lot Type:  Residential
Custom Content Included:
Special Instructions:
Some files and recolors could not be packaged with the lot. They are included in a separate folder. Just add these items directly to your Sims2 -> Downloads folder.
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business 


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