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Twilight Senior Care Center

Fully furnished lot designed for retirement and nursing home residents.

Lot features:

  • Resident Quarters - 2 single suites and 2 double suites with private bathrooms
  • Intensive Care - Medical facility for resident care and round-the-clock monitoring of critical patients. Includes reception, office, exam room, a double patient room and a private patient room
  • Dining Room - Also used for parties and bingo; Includes kitchen and bathroom
  • Activities Room - Games, television and socialization for residents
  • Computer Room
  • Fitness Room
  • Nurse's Quarters
  • Pool and spa


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Lot Size:  4x5 
Lot Price:  $246,417
Lot Type:  Residential
Custom Content Included:
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business 


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