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Versatile Townhouses


The Versatile Townhouses are two unfurnished homes that can be decorated in any way you choose and placed in your neighborhood to form complexes or subdivisions. Simply change their exterior/interior wallpapers and furnish. They may be played as residential lots or apartments if you have the AL expansion.

Each townhouse is a three-story building that includes 3 bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms, 2 half-baths, living room, kitchen, dining room, balcony, fenced backyard, 1-car garage and ground floor bonus room.

Each townhouse is apartment-ready. Add the AL doors and change the lot zoning if you have the AL expansion. Also, only one of the mailboxes are functional for the houses (the second is for decoration). Delete one of them (doesn't matter which) before you convert to an apartment or you will end up with two big AL mailboxes.

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Lot Size:   3x2
Lot Price:  $104,561
Lot Type:  Residential
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business


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