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Sweet Dreams Mattress Company

This furniture store is designed to sell complete bedroom furniture sets. The mattresses are actually bedding recolors, not meshed objects. These will function with any type of bed frame making them versatile in case you want to change or add custom furniture to the store. There are 8 full size mattress variations of popular mainstream brands. Each mattress brand has a matching advertising poster. 6 of the brands are repeated for twin size beds.

The store includes a showroom area, manager's office, employee break room, restrooms, warehouse and delivery truck.

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Lot Size:   4x5
Lot Price:  $144,006
Lot Type:  Community
Custom Content Included:
Special Instructions:
Some files and recolors could not be packaged with the lot. They are included in a separate folder. Just add these items directly to your Sims2 -> Downloads folder.
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business 


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