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Versatile Restaurant Host Podium

Now you can decorate casual dining establishments like fast food restaurants and diners, as well as themed neighborhood restaurants with a more versatile host podium. Taverns, Victorian Tea Houses and Sci-Fi ships and bases can all look like proper restaurants with a host podium that doesn't stand out or look too 21st century.

The podium has several invisible options so that you can use the 'moveobjects on' cheat to place the podium within any counter of choice. Create a more integrated look with your restaurant decor.

Invisibility options:

  • Display only the phone in black or neutral color
  • Display the book and phone (in black or neutral color)
  • Display only the book without the phone
  • Completely invisible podium, phone and book

Decoration Suggestions:

  • Place the podium on a row of counters and build a door for the business owner to lock. This will prevent visitor Sims from crowding around the podium for the host. They will seem to be standing in front of the register which looks more appropriate for a fast food restaurant. The host will leave the enclosed area to greet and seat the arrivals. (shown in photos)
  • Use along with a decorative cash register so that your host looks like they are standing as a cashier. Select to use only the phone 'podium' and place next to the cash register or use the completely invisible podium. (shown in photos)
  • Get rid of annoying host phone call animations with Squinge's No Podium Phone Calls mod. This looks great for the completely invisible podium, especially if you are using it in a themed neighborhood where phones don't exist.

This podium has all the functionality of the original game podium, shows up in the catalog under General -> Miscellaneous and costs $0.

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Remove files from archive and add directly to your Sims2 -> Downloads folder.
Expansions Required:  Nightlife


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