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Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital is fully furnished community lot. This five-story building offers comprehensive medical treatment, from critical care to outpatient services.

Ground Floor:
  • Main Entrance - Info Desk/Registration, Lobby, Restrooms
  • Emergency Room - Waiting Area/Reception, Triage Nurse, Exam Rooms 1 - 5, Imaging, Ambulance Entrance
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab1 (Hydrotherapy-Pool/Spa)
  • Cafeteria
  • Non-Denominational Chapel

2nd Floor:

  • Doctor's Lounge & Locker room
  • Pharmacy/Gift Shop
  • Surgical Center - Waiting Area/Reception, Exam Room 1-2, Doctor's Office,
    Conference Room, Blood Lab, Prep, Scrub, Surgery1, Surgery2, Recovery

3rd Floor:

  • Maternity - OB/GYN Exam, Doctor's Office, 2 Birthing Suites, Waiting Area, Nursery, NICU
  • Nurse's Station
  • Pediatrics: Exam, 2 Children's Suites
  • Imaging: 2 Labs

4th Floor:

  • 4 Private Patient Rooms
  • 1 Shared Room
  • ICU
  • Dialysis
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab2
  • Laundry/Housekeeping
  • Nurse's Station

5th Floor:

  • Morgue - Office, Autopsy Room, Processing Room, Freezer Storage, Lab


  • Helipad

Also included is the Parking Lot that sits to the right of Mercy Hospital. Many people requested that this lot from the photos be added. It was initially created for decoration purposes as a residential lot using in-game cars.

Notes on playing the Hospital - The hospital is in community lot format, therefore Pregnant Sims cannot visit or give birth there without using hacks/mods. You have the option of converting the hospital to a residential lot, apartment or hotel with some changes to the structure (such as adding apartment doors or hotel counter, etc.). It is a versatile lot and has been play-tested in all of these lot types.

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Lot Size:  5x5
Lot Price:  $654,199
Lot Type:  Community
Custom Content Included:
  • sunni9676 - Walls & Floors; Recolors of: microwave, oven, mini-fridge, doors, window, locker
  • Ailias - Edge Smoother & Blinds
  • senesi2003 - Tiny Ceiling Light
  • Crocobaura - Microscope, Syringe Tray & Test Tube Stand
  • DBCAB - Dead Sim, Table, Morgue Freezer, Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, XRay Viewer
  • FreshPrince - Decorative Helicopter
  • JohnBrehaut1 - Blood Pressure Measurer, Box of Gloves, Heart Rate Monitor, Oxygen Tank, XRay Viewer, Hospital Bed, Heart Reviver, Roster, Stand, Tools, Exam Table
  • Kate - Maverick-A-Stripe Changing Table, Crib & High Chair
  • CTNutmegger - Cabinet
  • thefuzmixman - Hanging Chair, Locker Room Bench & Literature Rack
  • pfish - Invisible Magisplay Tray
  • Craig81 - Van & Ambulance Statues
  • HChangeri - PRE-OFB Items: Dental Chair, MRI, Chez Pap, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Concrete Bumper (in parking lot)
Special Instructions:
The following item needs to be downloaded separately and added to your Sims2 Downloads folder:
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Seasons


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