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Diamond Gas Station & Auto Repair

The Diamond Gas Station includes a Convenience Mart, Auto Repair & Car Wash that spans two lots. These two community lots are intended to be placed across the street from one another so that your Sim drives right up to the gas pump. The lots overlap at the pump area which exists on both.

Lot #1 - Diamond Station's convenience store offers complete grocery shopping and dining area. Also includes manager's office, kitchen, restrooms and stock room.

Lot #2 - Diamond Auto Repair is a service garage with waiting area and restrooms.  Upstairs includes employee break room, locker room and manager's office. A car wash is located outside.

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  Diamond Gas Station Diamond Auto Repair
Lot Size: 4x3 4x3
Lot Price: $151,530 $92,188
Lot Type: Community Community
Custom Content Included:
Diamond Gas Station Diamond Auto Repair
Special Instructions:
  • Place lots across the street from one another. Best when placed down a side street or dead end street so that it looks more realistic.
  • You will need to fix the pavement under the pumps on both lots since it will default to the street. Type control+shift+c and moveobjects on to remove all pavement from the sidewalk to across the street. The terrain has been colored so that you will see where to place the pavement.

    soil = asphalt
    sand = sidewalk
    grass = grass
  • There are two options for placing cars on community lots. First, you can download the Car Statue Collection. Or you can use the in-game cars. However, the only way to put game cars on a community lot is for your Sim to purchase the lot as a business. Once they travel to the lot, cars may be purchased in wholesale mode and set in the parking lot with the moveobjects on cheat. Technically, these cars would be for sale.
  • It is not recommended to place cars at the center pumps since your visiting Sim will need to drive up to the pump and leave properly. Also, you should only place cars at the pumps in one lot as you will be able to see them when you visit the other.
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business 


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