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Crown Pointe Shopping Center

Based on typical retail mini malls found in America, Crown Pointe Shopping Center includes 4 businesses:
  • Pizza Bella - Restaurant has a carry out counter for selling pizzas or other foods, dining area, kitchen and restrooms.
  • Suds Laundromat - Self-service clothes washing/drying.
  • Globetrotters Travel Agency - Office has a reception/waiting area, 3 agent offices, break room and restroom.
  • The Postal Store - Based on the real life delivery service stores. Store area has copier, supplies, and post office boxes. Back room includes packing/sorting area, manager's office and restroom. Delivery Van is parked in front of store.

Not included (and not needed) to play the lot are the Postcard Racks shown in the Postal Store or the vending machines in the Laundromat. Retail Sims has created a postal set with objects that would look great in the store.

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Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price:  $233,645
Lot Type:  Community
Custom Content Included:
Expansions Required:  University, Nightlife, Open For Business 


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